ASA Uphold Complaint Over Coral TV AD 0

Posted on 31, May 2014

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An advert that appeared on television promoting Coral has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) after just one complaint was received. The complainant challenged that the ad breaded the British Code of Advertising Practice (BCAP) that states that gambling should not be linked to seduction.

The BCAP code under which the Coral advert was investigated was 17.3.7 under Rules for Advertisement and says that commercials should not ‘link gambling to seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness.’

The advert in question showed two chaps reading a sporting paper in the barber’s. One turns to the other and says ‘Fancy him for the 3:40?” to which the other replies about how well the jockey did on the last outing. At this point in the commercial an attractive women enters in a jockey’s outfit with her tummy on show. She stops at one of the gawping men with her whip. The advert then pans out to show the other men in the shop staring at the women with one man even losing his hair as the barber inadvertently shaves it off.

Coral responded to the complaint stating that whilst an attractive woman was used in their advert they didn’t feel that is linked gambling with seduction, sexual success or enhanced attractiveness. The woman was used to disrupt every day life and bring attention to the Coral Interactive better offer. They also stated that the commercial started with the two men already showing a keen interest in horse racing and were talking about placing a bet prior to the woman entering the barbers.

Whilst the response offered to the complaint by Coral was taken on board, they upheld the complaint and the ad must not be shown again in its current format.

Your can read the full adjudication from the ASA regarding Coral here.


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