Mecca Bingo Beeston Player Lands Jackpot 0

Posted on 9, November 2014

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Lady Luck recently made a visit to the Mecca Bingo club in Beeston, Nottingham and helped one player in her forties net a jackpot worth an impressive £72,253 on the National Bingo game. This jackpot comes just days after a win worth £250,000 at the Isle of Wight Ryde Leo Leisure club!

Once again the big money jackpot was won in the afternoon session rather than the evening, it would seem that this is the most favourable session for Lady Luck to make an appearance recently. The winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is a regular player at the club and usually attends with a number of friends.

The general manager of the Mecca Bingo Beeston hall, Neil Tams, said of the win ‘What an afternoon! We’re absolutely over the moon for our player who won the National Bingo Game Jackpot Prize. I’m sure she’ll put her winnings to good use and we look forward to our next big win!

About Mecca Bingo Besston

The club itself opened on 14th May 2009 and patrons were welcomed with half dressed butlers who performed table top service. There are two areas at the club; one section hosts your traditional bingo – a quieter area for the traditionalists. The other area of the club has a livelier, nosier atmosphere.

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