15 Network Sites Finally Go Mobile 0

Posted on 28, August 2014

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The 15 Network first launched a site back in June 2011 when their first ever site Quiz Show Bingo was opened. This brand was later re-branded as Lights Camera Bingo in September of the same year. Last week we saw the 20th brand join the network and also the launch of the mobile gaming from the Jumpman Gaming software – at last!

There’s not been much in the bingo press about all 20 sites now being able to offer a mobile gaming experience and this could be because at the moment it is quite limited. We tried the games out on our iPad at Tidy Bingo, then on our iPhone. They seemed to work fine on the tablet but a bit laggy, and certainly small, on the phone.

That said we were pretty impressed with the overall experience. Where other sites offering on the go gaming tend to fail is the social side of bingo but we found the Jumpman Gaming mobile experience more than accommodating for those of us who like a little chat with our games.

If we had to summarise the overall experience it is easiest done by saying that it is the desktop version of the game but in miniature. It’s the most apt and succinct way of putting it in our opinion.

The only downside is that when you type in chat the screen scrolls up to accommodate the keyboard; closing the keyboard though soon rectifies this.

Here’s a screenshot of a game in play on the iPad at Tidy Bingo:

15 Network Sites Finally Go Mobile /mobile bingo bingo news

Playing Tidy Bingo On iPad