£60 Welcome Bonus From Betfair Bingo 0

Posted on 4, December 2014

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If you’re an avid reader of this blog or any other about online bingo then you will know that bingo brands change their welcome bonuses for new players on a regular basis. Betfair Bingo is one such brand and they have made a recent change to attract those who have yet to register with their site. It’s a bonus worth double the previous offering of 300%…..

That said, when we popped along to Betfair Bingo to check out the new deal it all seemed a bit convoluted and if we’re honest – a bit misleading. We’re not big fans of the use of the word free when a deposit is required, money has to change virtual hands therefore it isn’t actually free. Even less so when to get the £60 total bonus, you have to actually spend £20 cash.

We’re well aware of why the bonuses change in the world of online bingo, and brands compete with others on the same platform to be more attractive (it could be considered ‘peacocking’). However what we expect is a bonus that is pretty straightforward, this is not the case with the Betfair deal.

Players are given a £15 bingo bonus and a £15 games bonus when they register, deposit £10 and play it through on bingo within 30 days of registration. That’s 300% of the 600% offered. However to be given the other 300% you need to wager a further £10 cash at Betfair Bingo. Now whilst this is wager not deposit, there is a difference – what if a player does not win £10 in cash with their original deposit and bonuses? They then have to deposit another £10 to receive the remaining bonus that actually makes the second bonus more of a reload then a welcome package.

Keep things simple we say….

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