£80,000 Missing From Gala Bingo In Possilpark 0

Posted on 30, July 2013

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On Saturday a story broke online in the Evening Times about an investigation that is currently underway at a Glasgow Gala Bingo hall following ‘financial irregularities’ at the Possipark club. There are five Gala Bingo clubs in Glasgow but it is the venue in Hawthorn Street under scrutiny.

You can read the original story here.

It is reported that £80,000 in unclaimed prize money is unaccounted for and cannot be found. Gala Bingo are assisting the police with their inquiries.

Needless to say customers who frequent the hall are more than a little shocked at the claims of missing prize money and a regular, a 78 year old woman, had this to say earlier in the week ‘We put trust in everyone there. I go once a week but have been going for years and you see the same faces all the time. This report does put me off from going, but this is a big part of my week.’

Another patron of the club said ‘We heard rumours about this. It would be terrible if it turned out to be true.’

A police spokeswoman said ‘Inquiries are continuing into a report of financial irregularities at the bingo hall in Hawthorn Street.’ Whilst a spokesperson for Gala Bingo said ‘We are working with the police to assist them with their investi¬gations. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.

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