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Posted on 5, December 2014

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Gala Bingo already how a Guinness World Record for a game of bingo with the biggest bingo balls and now they are chasing another, this time for a game with the biggest bingo cards! The record-breaking attempt will be made at their VIP Christmas party on Saturday 6th December in London. Whilst they have their eyes on the record, Gala will also be raising money for a worthy cause, the Royal Voluntary Service (RVS).

Throughout November Gala Bingo have been taking a percentage of the money earned by players playing bingo at the site and donated it to the worthy cause. Players have been offered the chance to win one of ten pairs of tickets to the Christmas party and the opportunity to be part of the world record-breaking attempt.

They’ll be a few ‘celebs’ in attendance at the event including James Jordan of Strictly Come Dancing and Big Brother, TOWIE stars Grace Andrews, Leah Wright, Charlie King and George Harrison, Nanny Pat and Rickie from Geordie Shite. Nicola Mclean is set to make an appearance too. All of these ‘stars’ are keen to be involved with the record attempt where the bingo card is reported to measure a whopping five metres by two metres!

Alison Digges who is the Gala Brand Director said of the event ‘We were keen to do something to support such a great charity particularly in the run up to Christmas. Bingo is all about sociability! Many of our players are older or have older people in their lives. We want to create awareness that older people can often be lonely and on their own but that needn’t be the case. By supporting the campaign we are doing our bit to ensure that loneliness is eliminated this Christmas’.

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