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Posted on 27, October 2014

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The world of online bingo recently saw some big names take part in the Ice Bucket challenge. Search YouTube and you’ll see the likes of Phil Fraser (Which Bingo), Simon Collins (ex-Foxy) and Ben Starr (15 Network) get a soaking for charity. A recent news story in the Basingstoke Gazette [read it here] tells of a member of staff from the Gala Bingo hall in the Basingstoke Leisure Park doing the challenge to raise money for Dementia UK and the RAF Benevolent Fund.

Steve Hoston who is a caller at the Gala Bingo club was doused in ice-cold water whilst sporting a mankini to raise £610 for the two charities. £500 went to Dementia UK and the balance to the RAF Benevolent Fund.

He chose to undertake the challenge in memory of a former player at the club, Betty Tarry. The decision was made when Steve learnt that Betty’s husband, Arthur, was holding a charity collection. Steve had already been thinking about doing the Ice Bucket Challenge and it seemed fitting to do it for these two worthy causes.

Where others have ‘cheated’ on their challenges in the past, often just using a bucket of cold water rather than one with ice in it, Steve went a little further. His colleagues filled buckets of water and then put them in the industrial freezers that fall to temperatures of -20C! They even had to keep breaking the ice as the buckets froze.

His challenge was watched by 50 people in the car park near the Gala Bingo hall and Alfred was ’over the moon’ with the amount raised. He said ‘I admire Steve. I couldn’t have done it – well done to him.’

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