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Posted on 19, August 2013

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When it comes to advertising online bingo we have seen numerous brands market their wares on television. The number of players they attract to the site, depositing players being the best kind, measures the success or failure of these commercials. However, it is also about brand awareness and we wanted to do a little chart of the most comments on Twitter about some of the adverts on television today.

The chart was compiled by simply searching ‘bingo advert’ on Twitter and then awarding one score for every brand mention between 5th July and 5th August 2013 excluding portals like ours. This is all just a bit of fun, there is no statistical analysis involved, simply counting the comments for each brand on Twitter as they show in the search results.

Here are the results:

1. Winner Bingo – 63
2. Foxy Bingo – 37
3. Mecca Bingo – 6
4. Bet365 Bingo – 5
5. Maria and Up Your Bingo – 3
6. Lady Lucks, Jackpot Joy and Sun Bingo – 1

Of course, if the commercial isn’t currently airing on television, Twitter users are unlikely to comment about the advert so if we looked at the results in a different time period, they would probably tell a different story.

However, when all is said and done Winner Bingo is definitely the brand on everyone’s tweets and for the most part the feedback is good. Here are some of the comments about the brand on Twitter:

5th August

That winner bingo advert is obnoxious

The winner bingo advert is just classic

3rd August

Who has seen the advert for winner bingo LOL that woman can dance!

Omg this bingo advert where a fat women starts dancing and shaking her bum to the camera couldn’t stop laughing
The advert for winner bingo makes me laugh haha

2nd August

the winner bingo advert is hilarious hahaha

Please note: This article was pre-written on 5th August for scheduled publication to cover holiday leave.

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