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Posted on 20, April 2014

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There are many brands online today that have chosen to become part of the Dragonfish network; the latest to launch is one you may have already heard of in the past. Bingo Funland originally chose the Byworth software and network for their games and were licensed in the under the Government of the Netherlands Antilles. In December 2013 the site closed but in April 2014 the site made reappearance on the better known network of Dragonfish.

Before you dismiss this brand as just another Dragonfish network it is worth noting that the site has not one but TWO exclusive rooms for their players. This is alongside all of the popular promotions and game rooms that you may be familiar with if you are a stalwart fan of the network.

The two rooms exclusive to Bingo Funland players are:

No Lose Bingo

This room is open every Monday and Wednesday at 9pm. For one hour there will be ‘no lose’ games. All you have to do is buy tickets in any of the games throughout the hour and if Lady Luck has deserted you and you don’t win then the value of the tickets purchased will be refunded to you. The refund will be done within seven days and will be paid as bonus funds.

Fundies Fifty

This room is only open to players for 14 days following their first deposit with the site and boasts a £50 jackpot game every Tuesday and Thursday at 9pm. Tickets for the game are just 10p each.

We love to see brands bringing something new to the table and Bingo Funland has certainly done just that.

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