BOGOF Bingo Gets A Makeover 0

Posted on 7, December 2014

in Category Bingo News

For a while now we’ve been wondering why DJ Talent was still the face of one online bingo brand, BOGOF Bingo. However, a recent visit to the brand revealed that this Britain’s Got Talent ‘star’ looks to have been made redundant. BOGOF Bingo has had a makeover and it is certainly an improvement on the rather dull offering we have been used to over the years. DJ Talent is gone; the bland logo has been replaced and in comes a more cartoony design for the site.

It’s not great in comparison with all the other sites online today BUT is an improvement for BOGOF Bingo. We don’t think the site is going to win any prizes for design though if we are honest.

Sadly the changes have not yet propagated throughout the site and the old look remains when you login to play. However, this is likely to change over the coming weeks. The news of the redesign was announced back in October on the BOGOF Facebook page, but the changes apparently only went live on 27th November. That shows how often we visit this online bingo brand with the changes only coming to our attention on 4th December!

Sadly whilst the site has a new look, there has been no improvement to the promotional schedule for players. There’s your bog standards offers available; welcome bonus, £20k hour on the first Saturday of the month and daily free bingo. All of these offers and more can be found at many other sites online today.

Thumbs up for the new look BOGOF Bingo but let’s see it across the site and in the rooms (as well as on the affiliate banners). It’s all very half-arsed job at the moment….


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