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Posted on 2, October 2014

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Every now and again I get the chance to actually play a few bingo games or spin a few slot reels at some of the sites that I write about and this was the case last weekend (21st September). I’d been really impressed with the Butlers Bingo Spinner room but actually, it was the Jurassic Slot that I wanted to play on my most recent visit and it was this game I got lucky on, one spin costing £1.50 I think it was netted me over £1,800! I was chuffed and of course, wanted to withdraw. Here I take you through my experience of withdrawing winnings from Butlers Bingo….

As I work in the industry I understand more than your Joe Ordinary what the withdrawal process usually entails. I pre-empted the request for ID and sent in a number of documents to speed up the verification process. I supplied my passport, a utility bill, the back and front of my credit card (some numbers blacked out) and a copy of a recent bank statement.

I sent this to Astrid at Butlers Bingo and asked the question as to whether it was all suitable document to which the response was that it had been passed to the security department. This was all on the Sunday so I went to bed rubbing my hands with glee expecting that by Friday 26th, my bank balance would look substantially healthier. I’d received an email following my withdrawal request that said:

Hi Nicola,

One of the most common questions we get asked regarding withdrawals is ‘When will I get my money?’ Well wonder no more as this e-mail will explain everything!

Right now your request is ‘Pending’ and it will stay like that for at least 24 hours in case you want to change your mind or alter the amount of your request.
Once the pending period has passed your request will be added to the next ‘batch’ and sent to the finance team for processing. Batches are sent to them every weekday at 6am.
Once the finance team receive a batch they process it as quickly as possible. We ask that you allow up to 5 business days for this. At this point we will send you a follow up e-mail to keep you informed.
After the funds have been sent we will send you a third and final update, and depending on the processing speed of your own bank you should see the funds soon after that.

Full details of the withdrawal process and related terms and conditions can be seen here. If this is your first request or is for more than £2,000 you may be asked to provide relevant documentation before it can be processed.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know. Congratulations on your win.

Astrid x

Monday morning arrives and I have an email from Astrid saying:

Thanks for your withdrawal request. Unfortunately we are unable to process and have returned it to your Butlers Bingo account because:

You need to validate your account.

In order to complete the validation of your account and to ensure all future transactions can be processed smoothly our review team need you to provide us with certain documentation. These include:
1 – A clear copy of your valid Photo ID (driver’s license or passport)
2 – A clear copy of your Bank Statement OR Utility Bill (telephone, electricity etc.) not older than 3 months

Simply scan the required documents or take a picture of them with your digital camera/smart phone and email them to me directly at astrid@butlersbingo.com. If you have any questions about what is required or need any assistance please let me know.

Once you have met the above criteria, The Butler and I will be delighted to process any withdrawal request you should make. See The Butler’s Withdrawal T&C’s for full details on withdrawals.

Astrid x

Now all of this information had been sent on the Sunday so I am now quite annoyed, it seems to be a delaying tactic. I express my annoyance and receive another email exactly the same as the one I had received at the point of my original withdrawal!

I check my account, my winnings have been flowed back into my account!

Another stern email and the following response:

Hi Nicola,

Please note that your documents were received and are currently with the review team. Until we have confirmation that your account has been verified we will be unable to process any withdrawal requests from your account and therefore your withdrawal was returned to your account.

As soon as there is an update form the review team I will send you an email. You can then resubmit your withdrawal request for processing.

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Kind regards,

Astrid x

By which point I am really not impressed. A little more to and froing and finally, on Friday 26th I receive confirmation that the money is on its way to my account! I received all the money two days ago on 30th September. Some NINE days after my original withdrawal request.

Here’s hoping that if I get lucky at Butlers Bingo again the withdrawal process doesn’t take nearly quite so long (which it shouldn’t because my account has now been verified following the provision of my ID)! The whole experience took away the euphoria of being a winner and dealing with Customer Services was a nightmare with it often seeming like the right hand had no clue what the left was doing.

My advice to all Customer Service agents is to stop and think about the player, they are excited about winning and often the withdrawal process is much like taking a pin to a balloon. Consider this when you are wording a response to an irate email because whilst they may be stroppy in their email to you, it isn’t personal – just frustration, pure and simple.

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