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Posted on 14, October 2014

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It was only last week that I covered details of my first withdrawal from Butlers Bingo and on 3rd October I was lucky enough to have another win from this brand. Funnily enough, just a couple of days after my win at Butlers I got lucky playing at Slots of Dosh too and was in a position to process a withdrawal. Slots of Dosh is a casino style site from Cassava and I thought it would be interesting to compare the two withdrawals, both having already ID’d me previously.

Slots of Dosh I first registered with on 4th October 2014 but as a Cassava site, my ID had already been checked from withdrawals processed from other brands. Butlers I had only withdrawn from last week but at that point my ID was checked so by rights, it should have been a similar time scale between withdrawal request and the money hitting my bank.

Butlers Bingo

• I won the money at Butlers at the site on Friday 3rd October; the money was in my account on Friday 10th October.

Slots of Dosh

• I won the money and requested the withdrawal on Sunday 5th October; the money was in my bank on Thursday 9th October.

Even when we don’t count Friday as a working day (which we should), the withdrawal from Slots of Dosh was quicker by a day than that from Butlers Bingo. That said, a four / five day turn around from the point of withdrawal to the money in the bank is quite impressive and one that I certainly wasn’t disappointed with from either sites.

Well done Slots of Dosh (Cassava) and Butlers Bingo.

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