Carlton Bingo Has £270,000 Winner 0

Posted on 22, September 2014

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The Carlton Bingo hall in York Road, Hartlepool was recently home to a rather impressive National Bingo game win, the largest in the town’s history. The lucky lady, who has chosen to remain anonymous, is in her 30’s and the winning ticket cost her just £2. She called bingo on the National in just 44 calls, the lowest in all the clubs that were participating, and that netted her a £20,000…

However, there is currently an additional promotion being run by the National Bingo game where if a player calls on a number that is starred on their ticket, they win a jackpot of £250,000. This means the anonymous lady netted herself a whopping £270,000 at the Carlton Bingo hall.

The manager of the hall, John Cowlishaw, said the atmosphere was electric but went on to say that the winner took it all in her stride. At the time of the win there were about 180 patrons in the hall, all of whom were elated for the lucky lady. John, who has been the manager for 12 years, explained that the largest win prior to this was six or seven years ago when someone netted a win of over £100,000.

National Game Rules

The first player in each club who marks off all the numbers creating a full house. They automatically win the in house prize at the club they are in but if they have called bingo in the lowest number of calls from all participating clubs, they are also awarded the National Bingo Game prize advertised.

Currently each set of three tickets is printed with a Star on one number. If the winner of the National Bingo game has called bingo on that number then they also win the Jackpot prize of £250,000.


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