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Posted on 6, May 2014

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In January 2014 the management of Charity Bingo changed along with a different structure for the donations made to a number of worthy causes. Since that time the amount given to charity has increased month on month but sadly, there is still no information forthcoming about the amount donated, if anything, in the period October 2012 until December 2013.

Is it enough that Charity Bingo has become more transparent through the use of Just Giving pages or should players be told where and how the money promised to charities in the previous 12+ months was distributed and to which worthy causes?

Since January 2014 we have seen the following donations made:

• January 2014 – £392 to Cancer Research
• February 2014 – £358 to The British Heart Foundation
• March 2014 – £529 to Scope
• April 2014 – £901 to Whizz Kids

The charity of the month for May (although the actual promotional page still says April) is Macmillan Cancer Support.

The donations are currently worked out on £20 deposits and for every one made at the site in a month, Charity Bingo will donate £1 to the chosen good cause.

Will we ever see this brand offer up the relevant information from the missing period? For Charity Bingo it is a moot point and whilst we want to wax lyrical about the great things this brand is now doing, the history leaves a nasty taste in our mouths still…..

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