Costa Bingo Gets A Makeover 0

Posted on 24, November 2013

in Category Bingo News, Mobile Bingo

With mobile gaming becoming more and more popular we are seeing a change in how many online bingo sites design their landing page. The changes are made to ensure that the sites are more responsive for use on mobile devices as well as giving the home page a more appealing design for the end user. Costa Bingo is one such brand to get a makeover.

Unlike many sites who change their home page design, the amendments to Costa Bingo are quite subtle. Sunny still takes centre stage across the page and pride of place is given to the flash banner advertising the welcome bonus and mobile gaming.

Whilst the change isn’t massive and the site has maintained it’s colour scheme, it definitely has a cleaner and fresher feel to it. The brand has used different fonts and the navigation feels simpler thanks to pull down menus. Tabular menus on the main pages like promotions and bingo also enhance the end users journey around the page too. All of this translates well to mobile and tablet devices making gaming on the go with this brand a great experience.

We’ve always been quite big fans of Costa Bingo simply because the site constantly strives to bring something new to the player through promotions and offers. In addition there is quite a lot of free bingo games on offer in the rooms. The new look for the site just adds a little more to the list of all things right about this brand.

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