Dream Idols Disappear From Wink Bingo 0

Posted on 30, May 2013

in Category Bingo News

It wasn’t so long ago that when you visited the home page of Wink Bingo you were greeted by five semi-clad young men collectively known as the Dream Idols. The commercials for the brand also featured the good-looking lads but a visit to the site yesterday found no trace of them, it seems they have done a disappearing act.

Have Wink Bingo thought better of using a male dance troupe to promote their brand? Was player interest waning for the delectable dishes? We don’t have the answers but there is certainly no trace of Ollie, Billy, Tommy, Lorenz or Lewis on any of the internal pages either.

It used to be that you could read about your favourite Dream Idol and even win tickets to see them perform in London but that is now a thing of the past.

Wink Bingo were the second brand to utilise the Dream Idols to raise brand awareness, the first being Boyle Bingo. However, using ‘male dancers’ for promoting online bingo was actually the brainchild of Foxy Bingo back in 2009 when Oceana clubs up and down the country hosted the Foxy Bingo National Ladies Day.

The question is, is this the last we are going to see of the Dream Idols promoting the Wink Bingo brand or do they have something more in mind?

For now visitors to Wink Bingo will have to make do with a welcome of the bonus wheel which will earn you a guaranteed £15 extra bonus on your first deposit of £10.

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