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Posted on 12, April 2013

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There is a good chance that you have already seen the new Wink Bingo adverts on television featuring the Dream Idols but if a glimpse of the five lads isn’t enough in the commercial then pop along to the site, the Dream Idols now front the landing page of the brand too.

Previously the home page of Wink Bingo featured a rather dull offering in comparison with the new look; a few images, a little promotional text. That’s not the case now, now you can few the bare-chested hunks that are the Dream Idols but what about the guys, aren’t Wink ostracising them a little?

Here is the before and after:

Dream Idols Front Wink Bingo/bingo news
Before and After of Wink Bingo homepage

As a woman, I’m quite happy to get a flash of a toned-chest when I land at the site but I’m sure the blokes who play at the site aren’t too impressed though ‘“ or do they even care?

I asked a couple of male friends about the home page of Wink Bingo, for their honest opinions and whether the novice of the two would register with the brand and here are there responses:

Lee A, an avid bingo player online, stated categorically that he would not frequent Wink. His actual words were “It looks like an explosion in a gay bar’.

Gareth W, someone who doesn’t play online bingo but works in the industry said ‘If I were a gay man then yes, I’d sign up. Being of hetrosexual orientation, no I wouldn’t. Would a female be keen to register if the half-naked people were women?”

A question raised by both Lee and Gareth was ‘How would women react if the Dream Idols were replaced with semi-clad ladies?’, a very valid point! It wouldn’t go down well at all and whilst I understand that Wink are trying to appeal to the biggest demographic of online bingo players, women, more and more men are playing the game and ultimately, if the opinion of the two chaps I spoke to are anything to go by, the Dream Idols flaunting themselves on the home page isn’t exactly going to entice them in.

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