Fierce Bingo From Dragonfish 0

Posted on 1, May 2013

in Category Bingo News, New Bingo Sites

Fierce Bingo is the latest brand to launch on the Dragonfish network but whilst the gaming experience offered doesn’t differ at all from that available at other brands on the network, the audience the brand is trying to target does. Fierce Bingo is an ‘online gay bingo website’, at least that is what the home page says.

Step into the virtual world of Fierce Bingo and you’ll find that your sexuality is neither here nor there, much the same as your nationality is irrelevant at Bingo Scotland.

Registration is standard to the network with no requirement to reveal your sexual orientation at sign up and when you enter any of the bingo rooms, you’ll find the same hosts, the same players from other brands and nothing different. Read the blog of Fierce Bingo and they will have you believe otherwise…

Part of the blog states “meeting some other like-minded individuals in a setting that is both safe and exclusively for the LGBT community, our fun, lively and prejudice-free, monitored chat room” – yet the chat rooms are the same whichever Dragonfish brand you login to and have always been prejudice free and monitored.

It could be that there are set to be some unique features added to Fierce Bingo in the not too distant future but at this point in time, other than a few phrases more commonly used in the gay community, there is nothing at this brand that is different to any of the other Dragonfish brands online today!

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