Forget the Dream Boys, Meet The Dream Bingo Girls 0

Posted on 20, October 2014

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Dream Bingo is currently advertising their wares on television and the stars of their commercial are the Dream Girls. Unlike the Dream Boys who are a male dance troop who get their kit off, the Dream Girls remain fully dressed at all times! For the most part they are sat playing bingo on a laptop but we’re not sure how true a representation it is showing them playing whilst friends are with them.

The opening scene shows a lady making a hot drink whilst her friend sits playing Dream Bingo on her laptop waiting for one to go. The number comes out and they celebrate.

The second scene shows two ladies, one with a cup of tea/coffee and a biscuit whilst the other is playing bingo on her laptop. She’s waiting on number 88, two fat ladies and says so before giving her pal a knowing look as she eats the biscuit.

We’re then shown the welcome offer and that you can play on your laptop or desktop, mobile and even table before the commercial ends.

Our question is this; do bingo players actually play when they have friends round to visit? Are they sat on their laptop when a mate calls round for a coffee? If so, isn’t that a bit anti social?

The Dream Bingo advert is ok but it doesn’t push the buttons that the likes of the Foxy commercials do. In all honesty we preferred a previous offering from this brand when balls were exploding from bags etc.

For those of you who have yet to see the commercial for Dream Bingo, here it is:

Visit: Dream Bingo


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