Foxy Bingo Drops Cashback Bonuses 0

Posted on 23, October 2014

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When we logged into our Foxy Bingo account recently the Members Area displayed news about the Cashback that the brand offered, news that probably won’t be well received by many of the players with this site. According to the news the cashback credited to eligible players on Monday 20th October was the last that this brand is going to credit.

The reason for the change in the cashback deal was attributed to new Government legislation (we’re thinking the Point Of Consumption (PoC) tax that is due on 1st December). Foxy Bingo do say that they are currently working overtime to find new and exciting ways to reward their players though.

Surprise and Delight is listed as a new promotion from this brand and apparently will see players credited with a special treat at random. The treats could be free bingo cards to free casino bonuses. Additionally Foxy say that we’ll be seeing more of the “Everyone’s A Winner” games too.

Hats off to Foxy Bingo, they’re one of the first brands to be so transparent about the effects that the PoC will have on players. We are going to see many changes over the coming months from many different bingo sites but we wonder, will they all be as forthcoming with an explanation?

For all sites there will need to be changes, it is just a case of what and when but we’re really impressed with the notification from Foxy Bingo to players. Whilst it may have left some players a little aggrieved and we are sure there will be many emails winging their way to support, it will all come out in the wash.

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