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Posted on 15, August 2013

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Although we are big bingo fans here every now and again something will catch our interest that doesn’t involve balls of some description or another. In this case it is cards and the popular card game Blackjack. You’ve probably played the game with friends or even online before but not in the way the Blackjack Player’s Choice game works.

The principle is the same, you have to beat the dealer or at least ‘push’ not to lose but the Player’s Choice format offers you the chance to apply tactical thinking because you have to choose a good hand from five choices and you also get to choose which the dealer plays.

We were given the heads up on the launch following a Press Release about a special tournament to celebrate the launch of this game created though collaboration between Probability Jones and IX2gaming. Register to play for the international tournament and there is a prize of $2,500 on offer to the victor!

The tournament for the Blackjack Player’s Choice will run until September 2013 and is open to all legally eligible players both inside and outside of the UK. You can enrol now for a free place in the qualifying rounds at It is here you will also find a whole plethora of information and a video tutorial alongside a free play demo version of the game.

Free Tournament For New Online Blackjack Game/bingo news
Blackjack Player’s Choice

How To Play Blackjack Player’s Choice

• In the same way as is usual with Blackjack you choose your stake (min. 1 – max. 200).
• Instead of being dealt two cards you have to choose from five different sets of two by clicking on them. The top card is revealed and on the first revel you can choose to keep or discard. When you have a hand then you can choose the dealers.
• The usual rules of Blackjack then apply but without the choice to split or double – just hit or stand.