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Posted on 13, September 2014

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On 1st October 2014 there are to be regulatory changes for online gaming sites. As of this date all gambling operators who deal with British players have to have a licence from the UK Gambling Commission in order to do so. G2 Gtech have provided there players with a whole page explaining how this is going to affect players at their sites, sites like OK! Bingo.

For players who already have an account with any of the sites that we will list further in this article, it will mean accepting the new Terms and Conditions. Additionally you will be asked to check the poliicies associated with the new UK licence at that time too.

With the changes come a number of noteworthy points from the G2 Gtech sites. Some parts of your account history may no longer be available. Should you have any queries then you can email support@bingoresponse.com for further details.

Any cash remaining in your account will be moved to the new websites but bonuses and loyalty points will be lost. We suggest visiting any sites where you may have a balance and convert your points and spend up your bonus balance before 30th September 2014.

There are also to be a few changes to the bonus systems as a whole, changes that will no doubt affect wagering requirements and how bonus funds are handle through the system. We will check back on this information as of October 1st 2014 and update you accordingly at that point.

Many brands are going to undergo similar changes over the next few weeks but for now, have you got accounts with any of the following?

Bid Bingo
Bingo Zino
Butlins Bingo
Chit Chat Bingo
Daily Express Games
Daily Star Games
OK! Bingo
Yahoo Bingo

If so, it is worth a visit to each to check your bonus and loyalty balances.


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