G2 Gtech Changes – A Little Disappointing 0

Posted on 5, November 2014

in Category Bingo News

When it comes to online bingo you’ll be well aware that for the most part we are all subjected pretty much to ‘same old, same old’ when it comes to the software used to power the many different brands available online. There are a handful of decent software providers and for the most part, the new brands launching are just skins of those. Imagine our excitement then when the G2 Gtech brands all spoke of impending changes – were we to see something different to the norm?

Sadly not, we popped along today to OK! Bingo to see how the changes look at what exciting things were on offer but actually, when push comes to shove, it is just a lick of virtual paint from the player perspective.

The home page of the sites like Ok! Bingo, Daily Star Games and Daily Express Games all look much of a muchness. There’s a slight variation on the colour scheme but that’s hardly noticeable between the three brands.

The biggest issue was logging in to any accounts we have. We managed to get into our OK! Bingo account and that at Daily Star Games but other brands, not a prayer. A chat with Live Help suggested we reset our password, which we had already done. Still no joy but apparently we should use Google Chrome to access the sites. Since when did operators dictate which browser the end user should use?

We gave up trying to take a more indepth look at what the G2 Gtech changes means for players – from our player experience, it really isn’t worth the time or effort. Bingo is supposed to be fun and an enjoyable experience, we left the G2 Gtech sites needing a stiff drink before midday!


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