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Posted on 29, January 2014

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A recent visit with friends to the Mecca Bingo hall in York revealed a few changes to how the car parking worked. Previously we simply arrived at the hall, parked the car and went in to play thinking no more about it. However, you couldn’t help but notice that things had changed, there were big signs dotted around the hall that you now had to enter your car registration into a terminal in order to avoid a fine.

A news article recently appeared in the Scunthorpe press about a Gala Bingo player at the Winterton / Brigg Road branch receiving an £85 fine for parking in the clubs car park.

Upon reading the story you could be mistaken for believing that Gala Bingo are actually at fault but having been party to a change at our local hall (although it is a Mecca rather than Gala), is this really the case?

Melanie Morris is reported to have been given no indication of a car registration scheme and as a consequence received a fine in the post a couple of months after her visit on 17th November 2013. The article (read it here) goes on to quote this disgruntled customer as saying ‘I posted a message on social media and four people – all Gala customers – told me they had also been fined. I did not see the pay and display machine in the dark, there were no notices on the doors and I did not hear any announcements.’

From experience, albeit at a Mecca Bingo club, we can honestly say the signs about the changes were in prominent positions, the announcements clear and frequent – we were certainly made aware of the requirements at our local hall.

Have Gala clubs really done it completely different to the Mecca halls or is it more ‘operator error’ in this case?

Surely, with only four players having also responded about having received a fine this would indicate that the other patrons of the 1,800 seater venue using the car park managed to do as requested.

A spokesperson for Gala Coral said ‘The car parking charges went live in mid-November. It allows customers to be able to park while visiting the club as charges are not applicable to them. Notices were displayed 10 days prior to November 17. Stage announcements were made in every session two weeks prior to the 17th and continue to be made. We are only doing the same as any other leisure venue in the country – protecting our customers.

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