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Posted on 19, December 2013

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Considering what a scoop is has been for Gala Bingo to be able to offer Coronation Street Bingo we have been quite surprised at how little people are talking about it. However, that could all be changing as Gala are now airing a new commercial advertising the new game and it features none other than Fred Elliot himself.

We do question their choice of character though and wonder if it were the marketing budget that dictated they use someone who is no longer in the show. Having said that, how long are any of the characters going to be in the soap?

Fred Elliot, aka Actor John Savident, was in the show from 1994 but left in 2006. His character died following a heart attack in the hallway of Audrey’s house on the way to marry Bev Unwin.

Speaking of his reason for leaving the show John attributed the five episodes causing him to be tired. As a linchpin he was in almost every episode AND had to repeat his lines, something his character was well-known for.

The Gala Bingo commercial shows seven gentlemen sporting butchers attire and a bingo ball as well as a potato in one window. You have to spot the real Fred Elliot and the strapline is “Accept no imitations”.

The commercial doesn’t have the eye-catching features of some of the adverts we see on TV at the moment but John Savident’s voice will certainly make you look up from whatever you are doing when you hear it. Incidentally, he is also the caller for the Coronation Street Bingo at Gala.

Here is the Gala Bingo Fred Elliot ad:

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