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Posted on 12, November 2014

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Have you ever misheard the lyrics to a song once and then when you hear it again, you sing the misheard lyrics? This is what is happening in the Bingo Supermarket HQ at the moment after watching the new Galalala Bingo advert! In fact, it took us quite some time to actually figure out what the original song was simply because all we had stuck in our head was Ga la la la Bingo!

The version that we had stuck in our head was by Bananarama and is called Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye, a song that was released in 1983 by this group. The original version was recorded by Steam in 1969 and then in 1970 The Supremes covered it.

The Gala Bingo advert starts with a couple walking in a park and then the woman starts singing “Ga la la la” before the scene changes to a hairdressers and a group singing the same before going to a gym where another woman sings “Hey Hey”. The “Goodbye” becomes “bingo” as a group of hikers sing this lyric.

The next scene is in a limo with a group of mid-twenties ladies, then onto an older couple gardening, a coach full of football supporters and then a woman on her sofa. You’re then shown the current welcome bonus for new players at Gala Bingo (spend £10 and play with £50) and then the new slogan, Play Happy.

We like the advert and it clearly stuck in our minds which means it is definitely going to do its job in getting the Gala Bingo name out to the masses.

Here’s the commercial in case you haven’t yet seen it:

Author’s Note

As a bingo writer I felt the need to point out that I genuinely like the advert for Gala Bingo. I love the tune and really believe the overall concept means that viewers will remember the name.

The reason for my clarification on this is that I wanted to assure readers that the content of this article are an honest opinion and not one that I have been forced to write by having a Gala Bingo sized gun to my head. It has recently come to light that a prolific bingo journalist has been stripped of their Gala Bingo affiliate account simply because they didn’t wax lyrical about the commercial!

Whilst I like the commercial, not everyone does as you can see from just some of what is being said on Twitter:

That gala bingo advert is the single most annoying thing I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

Dear Gala Bingo. Will you pay for a new telly when I throw something through the screen next time your annoying Gala La La advert comes on?

Hate, hate, hate the new Gala bingo advert!!!!

The Gala Bingo advert makes me want to rip my ears off with pliers and wipe my arse with them. Violently.

Update:  The affiliate in question has had his account reinstated by Gala Bingo.


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