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Posted on 19, February 2014

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We often see bingo brands use big stars to front their brand, and soap stars seem to be prime material for the role. The biggest soap star to bingo site connection has to be the Queen of Bingo herself, Barbara Windsor, now affiliated with Jackpot Joy, but tottering along in her high-heeled footsteps is Helen Flanagan, or at least her alter ego Helena the Mancunian Goddess of Love, soon to be seen at Bingo Godz.

This week, Bingo Godz has released pictures from a recent shoot from Ms Flanagan, or as she’s better known as little Rosie Webster from Coronation Street, where she appears as a guest God along with two of the other Bingo Godz.

With red hair, garlands and angel wings, Helen Flanagan, or Helena Mancunian Goddess of Love, couldn’t look more angelic, posing with the other Godz in several studio shots including a cosy four-poster bed shot! There has been a series of shots of the actress in her Godz role released, and no doubt there’ll be more to follow.

While there’s no sign of the actress on the Bingo Godz website yet, we’re assured that she’ll be appearing on the site in avatar format soon, so for fans of the actress, here’s a God you’ve always fancied chasing.

There’s no denying Helen Flanagan is looking hot in the shots, although they are only stills, whether there’ll be a television ad to follow remains to be seen, but nothing has been released as yet.

Bingo Godz pretty much smashed onto the bingo scene during 2013, but since the initial launch we haven’t heard much about them. The promotions and specials on site have certainly improved since the first launch, but whether Ms Flanagan will be enough to get players flocking back to the brand remains to be seen.

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