High Heels Bingo Launched By 8 Ball Games 0

Posted on 23, May 2014

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8 Balls Games have quite a number of bingo brands available online today but where they differ is that they don’t offer affiliates the opportunity to promote their brands. The latest site to launch from this company is High Heels Bingo but is it more your Stead And Simpson or more unique like a Jimmy Choo or Irregular Choice?

Sadly it is the former, like Stead And Simpson who churn out millions and millions of the same style in various sizes, this is exactly what you get from High Heels Bingo. Whilst the design is very nice and they do offer a £1 no deposit required bonus for new players AND a tangible gift on a £20 reload, when you scratch the surface, the gaming experience and overall promotional schedule is the same as 100+ other brands available on the Internet today.

With so many brands now available online players are in a position where they can demand, and do expect, more from their gaming experience. Usually this comes in the form of unique promotions or exclusive rooms, when you do as High Heels Bingo have done and chuck up yet another skin like so many others, you’ll get an influx of players who will take the increased first deposit bonus but will any of them stick around?

Do 8 Ball Games have a game plan? It could be that they are simply building a database of all the players across their sites and then when they feel it is large enough, launch a standalone brand on a new bingo software sending all of their database an email telling of the launch?

Anyway, we weren’t overly impressed, not enough to compile a full review at least. If you do want to read a full review of High Heels Bingo, you can do so here – a review at Playing Bingo.


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