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Posted on 18, January 2014

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There has been a little tension in the past between the National Lottery and bingo halls but that all seems to have been put to bed now. In 2008 the National Lottery launched a commercial that saw the then chief executive, Paul Talboys ‘outraged’ because of the timing of the advert. It launched when many bingo halls were closing. As we said, this is all in the past now and currently the National Lottery are offering a Bingo scratchcard, it’s on this that a recent player won a tidy £300,000!

Craig Lyon, 31 and from St Helen’s, got lucky on the pink Bingo scratchcard from the National Lottery after buying a £2 and £3 card with £5 he had won earlier in the day on another scratchcard, his first purchased in several months. Feeling lucky he spent his winnings later the same day but did instantly scratch off the numbers.

He waited until he got home, had finished various chores around the house and then took his coin to the cards. The first was not a winner but the pink bingo card proved to be literally, a whole different ball game.

Feeling in his bones that the luck was still with him, Craig took his time scratching and even when he knew he had won big, it didn’t seem real. Everything appeared to be in slow motion! After ringing Camelot and confirming that he was in fact now £300,000 richer, he got in his car and drive to his wife’s work to break the good news.

It just goes to show, bingo isn’t just a game for the ladies and pink was certainly lucky for this chap!


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