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Posted on 18, December 2014

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You’ve no doubt heard of Rebel Bingo, a ‘mutant form’ of the game as the organisers describe it. It’s a game that is certainly less staid than your traditional bingo. We recently stumbled across another take on the ‘normal’ game called Musical Bingo and all we can say is that we’re hoping that Indeedy Musical Bingo will be coming to a venue near us soon!

We found Indeedy Musical Bingo via a Youtube clip that shows a Halloween event that they held and to say it looked like an absolute blast would be an understatement.

As the name suggests, this bingo isn’t played in the same way as a traditional game – you don’t have numbers being called but musical tracks being played. Each bingo card has several different tracks listed and you have to mark them off to win prizes. It’s not bingo for the faint hearted but a visit to the Indeedy Musical Bingo website reveals that they not only lay on their own events but also do private and corporate events too. Maybe Bullet Business should lay something like this on for their Online Bingo Summit or Bingo Port / Which Bingo could have a game of musical bingo at their awards event?

Some of their corporate clients include The Football Association, John Lewis, CitiGroup, Sky and many more, all offering very positive feedback on their events. CitiGroup said ‘I’ve never seen so many colleagues (including senior managers) let go of their inhibitions at a company event! We all had so much fun.”

Don’t take our word for it though, here’s the clip that we found for Indeedy Musical Bingo, would you like to go to a session with these people? We would!

For more details you can visit their webpage by clicking here.


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