Is Lucky Rainbow Bingo Ever Going To Launch? 0

Posted on 20, June 2014

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A few months ago we covered the news of the impending launch of a new bingo site, a brand called Lucky Rainbow Bingo. The original story was written at the beginning of March (read it here) but some three months later and still now sign of the site making an appearance. When you visit the site you are presented with a notice that the brand is ‘launching soon’ and the ability to sign up for notification of the actual opening.

What we did notice when we visited was a distinct similarity between Paddy Bingo and Lucky Rainbow, an Irish theme – pots of gold, rainbows and leprechauns.

Over the next few months we are aware of at least two more names joining the 15 Network but will Lucky Rainbow Bingo actually open before these?

We were excited by the launch of the brand because rumour had it that Sand Media, the company who owned the site, were dropping the Spin The Wheel bonus that is prevalent across the 15 Network. Instead there was talk of a ‘Pick A Pot’ bonus but still offering you the chance to win something a little more with your first deposit.

We’ve heard briefly from the site owner that it is set to launch in July/August time. However, whilst the site may not yet be ready to open, if you check out the Facebook page for the brand you’ll find a daily competition where one player will win a £25 Love2Shop voucher for guessing random answers. They really are random too, questions like ‘What time did the boss arrive in the office today?’ and ‘How much was my mobile phone bill this month?’

If this is a sign of how the site is to be run then it looks to be one to watch.

Visit: Lucky Rainbow Bingo


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