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Posted on 17, August 2013

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ITV Bingo started life as a standalone brand but then a shake up of all the Cashcade brands a little while ago saw it join the network. More changes set to be afoot with a recent email from the Cashcade affiliate team requesting that we “remove all references to Coronation Street from your ITV Bingo content by the 31st August. This includes any Coronation Street-related content, including past ITV Bingo prize giveaways and promotions.”

Currently the ITV Bingo site boasts a standalone room called the Corrie Room and caricatures of the soap’s stars adorn the home page. Are these to be lost as of 1st September 2013 and if so what will then be the brands unique selling point?

Other changes for Cashcade network brands, with the exception of ITV, Mirror And Rollover (three brands with USP’s), is that the sites are all inline now with regards to their bonus structure. Rollover maintain their USP with their free lottery lines and Mirror with their celebrity connections but what is to become of ITV Bingo, is it to be lost in the long list of other Cashcade network brands that include all of the following:

• Bingo Broadway
• Bingo Scotland
• Closer Bingo
• Daily Record Bingo
• Female Bingo
• Graces Bingo
• Kiss My Bingo
• Little Big Bingo
• Offer X Bingo
• Peachy Bingo
• STV Bingo
• Sunday Life Bingo
• Sunday Mail Bingo
• The People Bingo
• Tickle Bingo
• Top Ten Bingo
• Tryst Bingo
• Wag Vegas Bingo
• We Luv Bingo

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