ITV Bingo Changes Since Corrie Dropped 0

Posted on 7, September 2013

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A few weeks ago we received an email from Cashcade, the operators of ITV Bingo, that all references to Corrie (Coronation Street) should be removed from any reviews or information about the brand. Today we visited the site to see how much it has changed since 31st August when all references to the nation’s favourite soap had been removed.

The home page for ITV Bingo now looks pretty much the same as many of the other brands on the network; gone are the caricatures of some of the Street’s characters and instead we are just shown details of the welcome bonus, the next game, 1TG/2TG promotions and the £50,000 offered in guaranteed jackpot prizes every week at the site.

Step into the main lobby and the only difference you will notice is the change in the standalone room name. Once known as Corrie Bingo it is now ITV Bingo. The two rooms have been renamed too and are now On The Box and Telly Addicts.

We still don’t know why the link between the soap and the brand is no more and the chances are we never will but with reference to how it has affected the player experience at the site, very little if at all is the honest answer.

Visit: ITV Bingo


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