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Posted on 9, September 2014

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In the world of online bingo we are used to sexual references in advertising for some brands. In the past we have seen We Luv Bingo go viral with their bigger balls campaign that was then used in a similar way by Boyle Bingo in their marketing campaign. It seems now Jackpot Joy are after a bit of the ball action with their current television commercial.

Barbara Windsor, the Queen of Bingo, welcomes her loyal subjects to the Jackpot Joy Ball Room as two rather good looking chaps collects balls from the machine. They fill up a catapult as Babs tells of the £10,000 she has to give away every hour.

Blue balls are then loaded into a cannon and fired before both lads appear semi naked. One of them has two larger balls held at his nether regions whilst the other is clearly less blessed. The Queen of Bingo is then heard to say ‘Big ones and little ones’ with big balled boy looking more than a little smug. Tiny balls looks rather forlorn at the mention of his little ones.

The commercial ends with Barbara Windsor offering the viewer the chance to get their hands on the sites big blue balls.

Here is the commercial if you have yet to see it on TV:

Whilst the TV advert is great fun and we love what they have done with the marketing, sadly a visit to the site at the time of writing this article saw no tie-in between the advert and the site.

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