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Posted on 5, February 2014

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Recently we spoke about the impending launch of Take Me Out Bingo at Jackpot Joy and yesterday we finally got to play the game! We were certainly keen to see how different the game was going to be and how it would incorporate the theme of the game show. A £10 deposit, a click of the bingo tab from the lobby and we were ready to play….

The moment you enter the room you are welcomed by the voice of none other than Paddy McGuinness. His face appears in the section where you buy tickets for the Take Me Out Bingo game at Jackpot Joy.

Of course there is the expected branding showing on the screen as shown in the image below:

Jackpot Joy Take Me Out Bingo/bingo news

The game itself is 75 ball and as it starts Paddy asks to ‘Bring Down The Love Lift’ and then for game one said ‘Let the ginger see the nut’. The game sounds as a ball is called is that of a light being switched off from the game show.

At the start of each game, to the left of your screen, 30 ladies appear all with their lights on – as their numbers are called (1-30) their lights are switched off. This is relevant to the bonus game offered.

• 18 or more – Community Jackpot shared
• 12 – 17 – three free tickets for next game
• 9 -11 – two free tickets
• 6 – 8 – one free ticket
• 0 – 5 – no tickets

To be honest, the game is not much different to the standard 75 ball offering save for the addition of Paddy calling the balls and the bonuses.

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