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Posted on 19, July 2013

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We have often noted the complete irrelevance to bingo that many brands have and whilst we understand that domains have been sold and branding is difficult, we aren’t nearly as irritated as one social media user appears to be. We stumbled upon a great video by Jake Yapp entitled Bingo Brainstorm and completely got where he was coming from!

The YouTube description says ‘I really need this bingo website to stand out from the crowd’. The actual video starts with Jake Yapp looking rather pensive. ‘Idea for a bingo website…’ is how he starts and then he notices a wasp, an inspiration for his new brand, Wasp Bingo!

It then changes to Stingo Bingo before becoming Bottly Wottly Bingo as he drinks from a water bottle. This continues with Jake dripping sarcasm as he goes on to tell you the bonuses for his imaginery bingo brand whilst being more than a little animated. At one point it even looks like he could self-combust with excitement.

If you are fed up with the bingo commercials on TV then you will be sat nodding your head whilst watching this clip, it’s inspired and one of the funniest things I have seen on You Tube in a while so without further ado here is Jake Yapp and Bingo Brainstorm:

About Jake Yapp

Jake does comedy, writing, music composition and voice overs according to his web page. His credits include Never Mind The Buzzcocks and TV Offal to name just a couple.

If you love cats, the blog about his little kitten Bod is a must read! Visit his web page at www.jakeyapp.co.uk.


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