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Posted on 11, October 2014

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Sun Bingo is without a doubt one of the most popular bingo brands on the Internet and they always have something new up their sleeve to get the players in! The brand is also responsible for some of the most well known bingo ads, and now they have a new ad launched, featuring some very lively bingo balls.

It’s all singing, and all dancing, and that’s just the bingo balls, inviting you to ‘Join the Party at Sun Bingo’. The whole ad has a northern girl doing the voiceover (they’re always northern, always, always without fail!), telling you to come and join the party at Sun Bingo while the bingo balls bounce around, play rock stars, do some dancing and get squished by a glitter ball – yes really!

Here’s the ad for yourself so you can see what you think, it’s certainly energetic, I think I need a sit down after watching it:

It’s always a party at Sun Bingo but as the ad says, this month there are chat parties taking place all month and you can join in just by heading into chat. There’s £500 in cash prizes and all sorts of Sun Bingo goodies to be given away every evening until the end of October and all you have to do is ensure you’re in the bingo rooms to join in!

One thing we did notice in the ad was that it looked a bit dated, and you know why this is? It’s because it’s the only bingo ad we’ve seen for a while that doesn’t feature a tablet or mobile and the reason for that is that a huge brand like Sun Bingo still haven’t sorted out a decent mobile platform for players!

Visit: Sun Bingo


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