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Posted on 16, October 2014

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Charity Bingo has often come under criticism by me for one reason and one reason alone, the choice made by the site owners not to provide evidence of any charitable donations that were made between October 2012 when they launched and December 2013 when a new partner became involved in the site. Since January 2014 the site has been more than transparent with their charitable donations but a lick of virtual paint cannot gloss over the missing 14 months for me.

The new look site is certainly an improvement and I really like the new logo, at least now it doesn’t look as if it were created by a novice on a graphics package. I’m even really impressed with the amount donated each month to various worthy causes, why then does the name Charity Bingo leave a really nasty taste in my mouth?

Despite numerous emails requesting details of the missing donations, I was not once furnished with a response. Maybe I am a different beast but if it were being suggested in the public domain that I had defrauded any charity, I would be bending over backwards to prove this was not the case.

For the most part I tend to just avoid covering news from Charity Bingo simply because it always tends to create a vitriolic response from me. However, it would be remiss of me not to mention the new look and more than double the standard cash match bonus on offer. After all, I am writing for the reader who is a bingo player and who wouldn’t want to know about a 500% cash match deal on first deposits from a network that only usually offers 200% as standard?

When all is said and done there are 14 months of charitable donations that no evidence is available for BUT by the same token, since January 2014 the site has raised the following:

January 2014 – £392 for Cancer Research
February 2014 – £358 for British Heart Foundation
March 2014 – £529 for Scope
April 2014 – £901 for Whizz Kidz
May 2014 – £765 for Macmillian Cancer Support
June 2014 – £471 for Little Princess Trust
July 2014 – £448 for Rennie Grove
August 2014 – £745 for The Hospice of St Francis
September 2014 – £539 for Cats Protection

Nice new look, tidy amounts raised for worthy causes but for me, still a nasty taste in the mouth.


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