Loquax Bingo Makeover 0

Posted on 16, April 2013

in Category Bingo News

There are many brands online today that are part of the Dragonfish network and often it easy to tell which are the newer brands simply from the home page design. All too often the most established names on the network have done little to update their site since launch. However, Loquax Bingo, one of the more established brands, has addressed this and got a new look for their home page as well as an improved welcome bonus.

Previously new players to the site had been offered a 100% cash match bonus when they registered to play and made their first deposit of £10, this has now increased to 150%.

Is the new look an improvement though? Well at least the now defunct welcome offer of 20 free bingo cards (dropped in September 2011) has now been removed. The ducks are certainly cuter as well! What do you think?

Loquax Bingo Makeover/bingo news
Loquax Bingo Before and After

The home page also now features a list of games about to start and a quick refresh of the page and the list changes accordingly. There is also reference to the free bingo available and scrolling images of some of the slot games available.

We do wonder what the jackpot on the home page, the amount of £388,661 was won on and if it was at Loquax or one of the other sites on the network.

The new look for Loquax Bingo is certainly an improvement but sadly, it still looks the same as many other Dragonfish networked brands before it.