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Posted on 3, December 2014

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When it comes to online bingo brands the Cozy Games software appears to be quite popular for new launches. However, whilst it is popular for the operators, we still cant be swayed to become fans of their offerings. Three new brands are set to launch on the Live Bingo Network over the next couple of months – Lucky Ladies Bingo, Reem Bingo and Merlin Bingo – only one of which boasts a semi-decent brand name.

Reem Bingo? Are they serious? Whilst shows like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea may be quite popular on TV, does it really translate to online bingo?

The logo of Reem Bingo is equally as naff featuring what we think is meant to be a bit of bling. The word ‘Reem’ is used to describe something that is good or attractive but we prefer the Urban Dictionary definition as shown below:

Lucky Ladies, Reem And Merlin Bingo Coming Soon/new bingo sites bingo news

Lucky Ladies Bingo – we’re not overly keen on the name of this brand either although it’s ok. The reason we’re not entirely convinced on this is the similarity to other big name brands – 888 Ladies, Lucky Pants Bingo – cashing in maybe? It could be that we start to see a run on Lucky [insert suitable noun} Bingo.

Merlin Bingo – this is the best of the bunch, a name that instantly makes you think magic and whilst we know the site isn’t going to deliver anything magical, at least is has a decent brand name and the chance of an aesthetic that fits the brand.

Let’s be honest here, we were never going to be overly excited about the launch of even more Live Bingo Network brands, the market is saturated with them. However, if we do have to be subjected to more chat hosts who are patronising, more wagering requirements that are designed to make it nigh on impossible to withdraw and repetitive promotions, at least give us a decent brand name to write about!


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