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Posted on 30, October 2014

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Regular readers at Bingo Supermarket will know that often we spend a little time trawling social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for all things bingo related. It was on one of these ‘missions’ that we came across an interesting video on the Lucky Pants Bingo YouTube channel. At first glance it looks as if the video is going to show you how the mascot of the brand, Luke Pants, was created but there is more to the video than meets the eye.

The story is one of love, the love between Luke Pants and Betty Balls, the two mascots at Lucky Pants Bingo and whilst it isn’t the most enthralling watch, and the storyteller has quite a monotonous voice – it is worth a watch.

The story is told by way of a poem and it’s quite clever, if not read by someone who sounds about as interesting as watching paint dry. The poem goes:

Luke Pants is a ball,
The luckiest of them all,
His pink pants are a charm for all players –

He’s got cheeky chat games
Where’s there’s freebies to claim
And his loyalty club is a saviour.

But he longed for a partner,
Someone to look after,
To share the magic of the bingo halls –

He had the pick of the ladies
But no one made him crazy
Until the day he met… Betty Balls!

And if you haven’t seen the clip on YouTube, here it is:

Visit: Lucky Pants Bingo


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