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Posted on 19, October 2014

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If you’ve ever been to a land based bingo club then you’ll know that during a game you can often hear a pin drop. The reason for this is that everyone has their eyes down and no one wants to miss that winning call. A recent news article appearing in various publications tells of Ronald Price and a missed £10k jackpot at the Winners Bingo club in Wisbech. We covered this news in a recent post but to recap and update on the most recent events we are revisiting the story…

The unlucky player called bingo on the linked game but wasn’t heard by the caller who continued calling numbers making Mr Price’s claim invalid. What is even more infuriating for this player is that one of the staff members had actually walked to the table to validate his claim, microphone in hand!

If Mr and Mrs Price are to be believed, the club erupted in excitement when the claim was made with Mrs Price reported to have been ‘jumping up and down with excitement’. However, you have to take into consideration that the caller, who has been in the bingo industry for more than 40 years and is the Wisbech Winners Bingo club manager, didn’t hear the call.

Sadly this is not the first time that this has happened to Mr Price. About a year ago a similar situation occurred and the club had to pay Mr Price £1,000 of his winnings.

Following the incident Mr and Mrs Price have taken to standing outside the Winners Bingo hall getting signatures on a petition to get their winnings. The petition consists of three main questions:

1. Were you at the club on 06.10.2014?
2. Did you hear Mr Price shout?
3. Do you agree he should be paid?

Along with this there is the date of signature, member number and name supplied on the petition.

Winners Bingo have said ‘We wish to clarify the position with regard to the ‘claim’. The company has written to the customer summarising the complaints and dispute procedure according to the Gambling Commission Rules.

‘It has also received a number of letters of support from other customers.

‘Winners Bingo reiterates that the rules of bingo clearly state that any player must unequivocally stop the caller and that the caller’s decision is final. The Wisbech Club manager announced immediately before the disputed game that players must ensure that ‘any claims are loud and clear’.


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