Man Denies Dundee Bingo Hall Assault 0

Posted on 23, November 2014

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A man has appeared in court this week to deny charges of sexually assaulting two women on the same day in a Dundee Bingo Hall. The 45-year old is reported to have carried out the attacks in the Nethergate, Dundee in July this year.

The Mecca Bingo hall, Dundee isn’t particularly known for being a den of depravity, but the two women have accused the gentleman of touching them on the buttocks in the hall, not really what you expect when you settle down for a game of bingo.

The ladies claim that the accused approached them in the hall, sitting at the same table as one of them. This certainly isn’t uncommon on the bingo hall, and with some tables considered lucky, quite often you will see several players huddled around the same table. However, when he failed to engage the ladies in conversation it is said that he groped them in an inappropriate manner, although he denied the charge in Dundee Sheriff’s Court last week.

Mecca Bingo staff declined to comment on the case, stating that it was a police matter, and thankfully this kind of behaviour is pretty rare in the bingo hall, wherever you are.

The trial date has been set for December 4th and the accused will then stand trial for the assault.

Mecca Bingo Nethergate is a fairly large hall with 15,000 active members. The hall has been operating in the location since 1997 and is a popular hall. Thankfully they’ve had no previous reports of this kind of behaviour and so players don’t need to be concerned.


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