Mecca Bingo Cashline Jackpot Win 0

Posted on 3, January 2013

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Cashline, for those of you who have never visited a bingo hall, is the offline version of 80 ball bingo that you can play online. The game is available at a number of online brands including Mecca Bingo but it was one of their land based clubs that saw a £17,600 win for a player in Swansea.

The winner, who wish to remains anonymous, got lucky just a week ago on Thursday 27th December at the Carmarthen Road Mecca Bingo hall. Cashline link games are played at bingo halls around the country and like the main session game, there are occasionally linked games that sees all the Mecca halls play for the same jackpot. It was on one of these games that the lucky winner netted the big cash prize.

Unlike 90 ball bingo that is played in the halls Cashline does not have tickets but in most halls is part of your table in the seated area. In the past the boards were slotted into the table as is still the case at some of the older halls. The game is played between main stage bingo and the official definition of Cashline bingo is ‘Interval game played by members in Mecca bingo Clubs, also known as MCB (Mechanized Cash Bingo).’

Here’s how to play Cashline in your local Mecca Bingo club as per the Terms and Conditions set out by the company:


1. The game will be called from a Control Club that will be designated before the game commences.

2. The stake money is allocated by the Control Club to the cashline link game in proportion to the number
of cashline machines operated in each Club taking part.

3. In the event of technical faults:

3.1 If a technical fault occurs after the game has been halted to check a claim and prior to the claim being checked, the actual checking of the claim may be validated via the link handset telephone.
3.2 Those Clubs which are able to continue the cashline link game will do so (and the stake money will be adjusted accordingly) and the Club(s) unable to continue will play a local game; or
3.3 The cashline link game will be closed down and each Club will play a local game for the money staked in that particular Club.

In all situations cashline link game prizes awarded prior to the breakdown will stand.

Alternatively you can play Cashline online with Mecca Bingo.