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Posted on 24, November 2014

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When it comes to advertising an online bingo brand we have seen some really odd examples over the years but of late Mecca Bingo seems to have the monopoly on weird when it comes to marketing. Their recent campaigns have consisted of a twerking cactus and a talking tortoise. However, we’ve just come across what is arguable the worst of the recent adverts from this big name brand, a talking crème brulee!

The commercial starts in the same manner as the previous two offerings, a doctor/lab technician talking about how she knows, because they have graphs and such, how many of the viewers like crème brulee before going on to say how she also knows that we love the Mecca Bingo amazing offers…..

We are then submitted to a computer-enhanced image of a crème brulee with a face talking about the current amazing offer. This just happens to be a £5,000 jackpot game in the XFactor room at the site.

Here is the commercial:

We’re not quite sure which is the worst aspect of the advert to be honest, it’s all just wrong on many different levels. The twerking cactus was a little bit funny with the tune catchy and the talking tortoise gave us a little eye candy on the screen but this, well it is just odd.

About the £5K XFactor Game at Mecca Bingo

There is just one more of these special games to play and it is happening on Saturday 29th November. Tickets are 10p each and the prize money is split as follows:

• One line for £20
• Two lines for £50
• Full house for £5,000

Visit: Mecca Bingo


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