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Posted on 17, October 2014

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When it comes to advertising an online bingo site we have always been the first to complain about being subjected to the ‘same old’ storyline in the commercials we have seen on the small screen. Once upon a time it used to be that it was obligatory to have a woman screaming orgasmically, some bingo balls and a laptop. However some brands are deviating from this and that is clear from the latest Mecca Bingo advert that features a tortoise and a semi clad man.

It wasn’t too long ago that we saw Mecca Bingo use a twerking cactus to advertise their brand and this new commercial follows a similar storyboard.

The opening scene shows the now familiar doctor walking into the room talking about how she does ‘ science and stuff’. Part of this means she knows that bingo players love hot men and cute animals and that we love brilliant offers. She then introduces the hot man, a tortoise and of course, the welcome offer from Mecca.

The scene cuts to a garden scene with three ‘hot’ men sporting just jeans all caressing tortoises. The camera zooms into the face of one of the tortoises being stroked speaking of the current promotion on offer (£1 million to be won). He then asks Darren to ‘hold him like he means it’.

Now I will say that whilst I think Darren is rather attractive and his eyes are amazing, it wasn’t the bingo juices that were flowing. The commercial didn’t make me want to log on to play at Mecca Bingo, more cold shower than bingo dabber from me!

That said, I liked this offering better than the twerking cactus and it is quite nice to see a brand thinking outside of the proverbial box.

For those of you that haven’t seen it on television yet, here it is:

Visit: Mecca Bingo


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