Mecca Halls Offer A Firecracker Of A Jackpot 0

Posted on 21, November 2014

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With so many players now enjoying the online experience, they are also finding a good night in, makes a good night out too down at the bingo hall, playing the game for real! There’s been a real push on land based bingo this year, and the bingo halls have risen to the challenge. Just next week Mecca Bingo is giving away the £50,000 Firecracker link jackpot in one of it’s bingo halls, but will it be yours?

Although the Saturday night Firecracker isn’t available at all halls, most are in on the big link game, playing on 29th November. It’s just a £5 buy in so not a bad stake for the chance to win £50,000, and even if you’re unlucky, you’ll have a great night out too!

You’ll want to check at your own club for the full details, but it’s promising to be an exciting Saturday night out, with an evening of bingo, and some fun with friends too!

The link jackpot is £50,000, but even if you’re unlucky, try and sit next to someone lucky, because the winning table will also share a further £50,000! With Christmas just around the corner, this is the perfect chance to give the Christmas shopping balance a boost and if you’re new to the bingo hall, maybe this could be your perfect introduction to the game, taking you from online to a real night out!

Grab your lucky dauber, and good luck!


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