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Posted on 6, December 2013

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Mobile gaming is increasing in popularity with more and more players choosing to play on tablets, iPads and all types of mobile devices. Betfair Bingo have been open nearly a year now but their first ever television marketing campaign has only just launched. The focus for their advertising is mobile gaming rather than the traditional desktop/laptop that we are used to seeing in commercials.

What is odd about the Betfair Bingo advert are some of the ‘props’ or scenes used throughout. At one point there is even a suggestion that you play bingo with otters! What’s that all about?

Whilst we get the general idea of the advert, the brand want to sell their new mobile product, it seems to have completely disconnected with the audience and bears no real relevance to playing bingo on the move in our opinion.

Yes, the advert shows a mobile phone in a pair of hands. Yes, the bingo game can be seen on the screen and yes, the backgrounds show that you can play the game anywhere BUT, with the exception of the lounge and the beach, the other places depicted in the advert aren’t really locations that you would generally play bingo on your mobile.

Don’t take our word for it, take a look at the Betfair Bingo commercial by clicking the image below:

Are we missing the point here? Is there some hidden message being portrayed in the advert or have Betfair Bingo and their marketing team lost the plot completely?

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