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Posted on 10, August 2013

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When it comes to being innovative with promotions that are a few brands that are streaks ahead of others in the industry. Usually we wouldn’t put Moon, Polo or Robin Hood Bingo in this category but the latest addition to their brands looks quite interesting on paper.

Multiplier Bingo is not too dissimilar to coverall games where the jackpot decreases the more numbers that are called. At Moon Bingo and the other brands running this networked game, the multiplier amount decreases with the number of balls called. The top prize is worth and impressive £10,000 but you would have to call bingo in 29 numbers or less.

The table below shows how incremental drop in multiplier values and the jackpot:

Bingo Calls Multiplier Jackpot
24 to 29 x 100 £10,000
30 to 31 x 50 £5,000
32 to 36 x 25 £2,500
37 to 45 x 10 £1,000
46 to 52 x 7 £700
53 to 57 x 5 £500
58 to 75 x 2 £200

Multiplier Bingo Information

The game plays every Saturday at 10pm, it is a 75 ball coverall game. You do have to be a depositing player with any of the three sites in order to be eligble to play the game. The minimum jackpot that will be won is £200. Should more than one player call bingo on the same number then the value of the win will be split equally amongst all valid claimants.

To Buy Tickets For Multiplier Bingo

Tickets are available to pre-buy from the main lobby of the sites, generally under the Specials tab. Tickets for the Multiplier bingo games cost 10p and layers are able to purchase a maximum of 96 each.

Visit: Moon Bingo


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