National Bingo Game To Get A New Look 0

Posted on 4, March 2014

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The National Bingo Game has been around quite some time in bingo clubs up and down the company. Whilst patrons still hope to win the big money the game offers, the money available to win isn’t quite what it used to be. Of course this attributed to the drop in player numbers in the local bingo halls but there is soon to be a new integrated marketing campaign.

The National Bingo Game Association (NBGA) finally has a new look site replacing the tired, out of date offering that we had seen for quite some time. Finally there is a place to find details of big club winners and promotions.

The new integrated campaign from the NBGA hops to promote the offline game as ‘an exciting, unique social activity that can change your life for the better’. The campaign was created by The Workroom and there will be PR from Beattie Communications showing players with a ‘winning shout’ pose.

Of course two of the most famous winning poses comes from sports heroes Mo Farah and Usain Bolt, it is this type of post that will be used for the campaign.

The Chief Executive for the National Bingo Game Association, Miles Baron, said ‘We’re very excited about this new campaign – it’s cheeky and vibrant and has just the right tone of voice for our audience. The visual execution also builds on our stand out branding for NGBA that The Workroom did for us seven years ago.

You should see all of this across social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as in your local clubs. Let’s hope it achieves its goal of re-engaging with players both lapsed and existing.


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